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Gothic Lolita Toddler Princess

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  1. Wolfie
    November 29th, 18 07:22 AM
    hey my D&D group lookn for members on discord if your intrseted in joining
  2. terminator101
    November 1st, 18 08:46 PM
    I also tend to do most of the things that you mentioned, to a degree - I tend to over think and over worry about the different possible negative scenarios of things that I am uncertain of how to handle or which I do not have any or little control of and I am heavily stuck in the past since my present life situation sucks (I don't want to get into it. I feel the same like Al Bundy from the TV sitcom "Married with Children" as he used to say to his wife Peg or to his drinking buddies as he relives his past High School football glory days back when he was young, trying to forget his present miserable life "We are like the mighty dinosaurs. We have no future but we have a great past that we can revel in"). While I am concerned about inadvertently hurting or upsetting others, I guess that the first two previously mentioned items preoccupy my mind so much more that I do sometimes do the latter unconsciously but then I end up apologizing afterwards to the others whom I've affected for my misplaced thoughts and/or actions (Unfortunately, the last item is not something that is always in the front of my mind).

    IMHO, I think you're wrong about yourself being a mistake - The fact that your parents tried to prevent your conception with birth control and yet you were born means that you were meant to come into existence (It was God or fate that dictated that you were supposed to be created)! I was bullied when I was a kid since I was short and not at all muscular (As an adult, I'm only 5'4" so, I'm not exactly basketball or football player material!) but I always stood my ground when confronted by bullies. If you don't outwardly show fear to bullies and stand up to them once in a rare while, they tend to respect you to a certain degree (In their eyes, you're still not a match for them but at least you would not be thought of by them as the "Weakest of the weak" aka Their favorite "punching bag"). Hmm... Even though it may be a bad thing, I would say that you didn't fail to become a bully in your own right (Or in you own wrong?).

    I wish that I can help you with your game design and development skills but I don't know how to do any game programming either (I just know how to do client-server programing, writing business applications with a 4GL language like Visual FoxPro [Now obsolete] as the front end and a database like MS SQL Server as the back end). If you want to formally learn how to design and program games proficiently, I can recommend that you check out Full Sail (online) University -> https://hello.fullsail.edu/brand_1ar_games (Be forewarned though, most of the hiring managers that I know in the business world would not hire people with degrees from an online university since many of those schools are thought to be "Fly by night" schools compared to traditional "Brick and mortar" schools that are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Most of those online schools are basically businesses that want to "sell" degrees. Most of them are not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education and rather are "Accredited" by private associations made up of their peers (Other online schools). However, I haven't come across any schools accredited by the U.S. Department of Education that teach game programming (They also teach music [To be used in games?] See -> https://hello.fullsail.edu/brand_1ar_music_recording), so Full Sail may be the only professional education choice available unless you're one of those genius C++ programmers that can pick up a book on game programming, read and practice what is taught within those books and then code your own games from scratch (Or at least reuse a licensed game engine in your projects)!
  3. Wolfie
    November 1st, 18 04:40 PM
    hey how are you doi8ng today
  4. terminator101
    October 31st, 18 05:56 PM
    I agree that anything is possible. I've heard before that "Anything can happen at any time", so it is important to "Live in the moment" and not to worry too much about life's problems!
  5. terminator101
    October 30th, 18 11:52 PM
    The outside air temperature usually feels lower than it really is if the wind chill factor (See -> https://www.collinsdictionary.com/us...d-chill-factor) is high. Similarly, it's likely that the AC blowing directly on you in the kitchen acts like a high wind chill factor. The break room probably uses the same ventilation system as the kitchen which would explain why you feel colder in those areas than in the freezer (aka "Cold storage room") which has separate evaporator fans that circulate cold air at a lower rate which creates a low wind chill factor. The air in the freezer is circulated at a lower rate since the freezer is a tightly sealed, confined space compared to the unsealed and more widely open kitchen or break room.
  6. terminator101
    October 29th, 18 09:06 PM
    Hmm ... Perhaps your body unconsciously has the uncanny ability to raise its own temperature when necessary while you're barely clothed, somewhat like what some Tibetan monks do when they consciously exercise their "g-tummo" yoga skills (See -> https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ha...h-their-minds/ )~!
  7. terminator101
    October 26th, 18 10:36 PM
    Well, at least you'll be warm for the Winter, especially during the snow storms~! Just wear a snowsuit over your diaper and you're good to go out in the snow!
  8. terminator101
    October 24th, 18 11:58 PM
    Easy-peasy! About the subject of "shrinkage"/"lost prevention"/"theft" and business tax reporting, Google is your best friend! -> https://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/s...nse-24803.html. According to the article returned by Google's results, "... Any business that sells inventory items can encounter shrinkage, which can stem from causes such as theft, poor management practices and natural disasters. You enter an expense for inventory losses on your financial books. You can receive a tax deduction for your loss ..."

    Oh, I see. I thought that Sheetz was a chain of "Family sit down" restaurants like TGI Friday's or AppleBee's and not a fast food chain. Does it get hot in the kitchen, especially in the summer? If so, it must be very uncomfortable for you sweating in there with a diaper on~!
  9. terminator101
    October 23rd, 18 08:03 PM
    Ah, what you described sort of reminds me of when I was a college student, I worked as a salesperson for a Duty-Free shop at the international airport. The managers there used to "unofficially" pull out some of the expensive bagged beef jerky (More like dried, thick slices of juicy steaks!) and fancy boxed chocolates (Near or at the same level as Godiva chocolates) from the stock shelves, opened them up and placed them on the counter in front of us for us to encourage the tourist customers (The company that owns the chain of stores scattered all over the various gates in the airport was only legally allowed to sell to international tourists with boarding passes to planes at specific gates) to sample and order the full products (The store also sold all kinds of fine alcohol and cordials like red wines, white wines, cognac, vodka, gin, scotch, bourbon, rum, schnappses, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, etc. [No beer] and internationally known brands of cigars and cigarettes). The sales time was only a small window (Two or three hours before the flights took off), so the store would be flooded with tourist customers for a brief period of time (So that peeps can buy their booze, smokes, preserved meats and confections (Booze and smokes sold the most) and have it all delivered within the half hour by our delivery staff to the tourists' plane) and then remain empty for one, two or three hours until the next scheduled flight arrived. What remained of the beef jerky and chocolate "Samples" in between the flights were written off by the managers as "Shrinkage" (aka "Internal theft" - The store didn't have any other way for classifying actual products that were pulled from stock shelves for customer samples [I think that calling it "shrinkage" was an actual way for the company to write off losses for a corporate tax deduction but I didn't major in Accounting so, I could be wrong]). We would all divvy up the remaining uneaten "sample" beef jerky and chocolates among us after each bunch of tourist customers for a particular flight came and gone (The managers would repeat the process for each new flight)! It may sound petty now, but it was what we all had to look forward to since we didn't work on commission and were only paid minimum wage (Companies like that love to hire college students because they know that they're cheap hires).

    I agree with you that any such company that has policies which indirectly force employees to be "A team player" (eg. - You are not compelled to be a team player but if you don't choose to be one then you do so at your own risk!) is not a good company to work for but what can you do? Anyone in that kind of a situation doesn't really have a choice but to comply until he/she can find the same kind of job at a better company or take a lesser paying job doing something else (Who wants to do that?).

    BTW, I was just wondering - As a cook at Sheetz, what kind of food do you prepare? Do you have any specialty dishes (Food creations) of your own or do you just basically "Flip burgers"? Do you have any aspirations to become a professionally trained chef now that you've been cooking there for almost three years?
  10. terminator101
    October 22nd, 18 07:26 PM
    Ah, I see. From what you wrote in the last part of your previous VM, it sounded like you currently work at OfficeMax. I can sympathize with you about having a bad manager. I've had a bad manager in a previous job who played favorites and tried to micro-manage the rest of the employees. That style of management lowered morale for those employees who were not his favorites and created a sense of distrust between the manager and those that were not favored by him. A good manager should base his/her decisions on each employee's abilities and accomplishments rather than be biased towards a subordinate who has a background or displays off work hours behavior that appears to be more similar to his/hers - My manager always insisted that we all join him for beers on him after work on Fridays (He paid for it with his corporate credit card. The company gave managers of his level an expense account). To refuse him was to risk leaving the impression that "You're not a team player".

    Also, the company offered all the employees the option of a "Free lunch" with the stipulation that we eat it while continuing to work at our desks. For each day of the week, we could each order out anything we wanted from a co-op of takeout restaurants, up to $8.00 and the food would be delivered to the reception area (FYI, the old saying is true - "There really is no such thing as a "Free lunch". I made more than $8/hour, so the company would get an extra hour of work out of me for cheap, if I chose that option on any given day [Which I did]). Everyone in my group took the free lunch option every day. After a while, I felt like I was always being chained to my desk, not being to go outside even for an hour to get some fresh air, do a little shopping and/or to "unwind" before going back into work (It all had a negative affect on my physical health - I gained ten pounds, my high blood pressure went up, causing me to go on a higher dose of my hypertension medication [I went from taking Diovan HCT 80mg/12.5mg to 160mg/12.5mg] and I felt tired around two o'clock every day). Some of us, including myself, wanted to forego the free lunch option but no one, including myself, dared to do so for fear of appearing to be "Not a team player". It might not seem to be such a big deal but think about it - If things go bad with the company and the manager has to lay off a few people, with all things being equal, who do you think that he would choose first? Obviously, those that are considered by him to be "Not team players"! It's not just "White collar" workers who face this kind of situation. "Blue collar" workers also face this kind of situation (Ever work at Walmart? I heard that they "encourage" the employees to perform morning exercises lead by the manager(?) before opening the store as a form of "Team building" - Workers who don't participate in the daily exercises risk being seen by management as "Not team players"! Don't get me wrong - The notion of working in a team can be a good thing (You may learn things from others while others, in turn, may learn things from you and together, greater things can be accomplished than by doing things alone) but the drive to do so must come from within each person rather than be something that is forced down each person's throat by extreme measures! After all, people in a team don't all go to the bathroom at the same time!

    BTW - Early congratulations on soon approaching your third anniversary at Sheetz~!

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