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  1. Bandit Keith
    Today 05:17 AM
    Bandit Keith
    I more or less crashed on you to be honest as like I said brain mushy from restless slumber last night so I had crashed on you..Will post tomorrow after everything in done and then we'll be back to active rping unless you get worse

    Thanks I am unsure about her as from what I can dig up on my research it seems like its not confirmed if she actually follows Catholic or Christian beliefs so I for now just to be safe have her labeled as what is known as a ''Non-Denominational'' which basically means if you aren't aware those who are not self-affiliated with a traditional denomination and often separate themselves from the doctrine and customs of other fellowships for one reason or another...

    Also you'd be right in how you think her parents are atleast in the versions of Rogues backstory on her family that I am aware of have them be very strict old school in their religious practices and beliefs to the point they believe you could beat the none strait factor from someone and starve the none strait factor out of someone aswell as believe mutants is well Gods way of punishing the parents for their sins while alive(Which is a actual view in the Marvel universe and is like a allegory to what some people still believe those who are born deformed or with major physical and/or mental problems are god punishing them for sins they did )

    Well first how familiar are you with the current news related to China and Hong Kong ? Its getting pretty fucking bad where Chinese people in Hong Kong even those who are pro Hong Kong are getting well varies levels of violence done to them by Hongkongers(that's by the way a actual term and from what I can find a for now none racist term) because of how those who are Pro-China have been going on towards the Hongkongers and Schools aswell as towns are in varies less of chaos or at a standstill because of both sides keep basically one upping the other side in actions they are taking...

    Also Side note I've been in a odd mood to have Jubilee humiliated and the like lately don't know why though so most of these ideals revolve around that

    Anyway the first ideal I have is of Jubilee actually having been in Hong Kong when all this madness started, maybe studying at a school or maybe looking for a newly sensed mutant or something and was on the Pro Hong Kong side but as things got worse she started trying to get things calmed down... But ends up just being on the wrong side of everyone in the situation and ends up getting turned into a laughing stock by the group she once was completely for but do to how bad the madness has gotten she kinda is stuck in Hong Kong(Hong Kong for awhile in real life had stopped travel to and from it but recently reopened travel for those who was studying abroad and just visiting Hong Kong so it sounds like otherwise those of Hong Kong can't leave .. Doesn't help how protestors on both sides have made travel nearly impossible) Leading to her needing bailed out of this mess by the X-Men but in a rather humiliating situation that Hank and others could take advantage of

    Jubilee do to factors like being majorly into western things including food is basically seen as a outcast and bullied for it over there in Hong Kong doesn't help she rejects a lot of her heritage … Anyway this ideal has to do with her in one of her lowest points in her humiliation and bad treatment do to the chaos going on finding one of your fursonas who in this ideal is if not a Hongkonger is stuck in Hong Kong for some reason and do to the mess Jubilee is in where he can't get heads-or-tails out of what is the problem assumes she is someone of a special needs case and this just makes her situation worse and she actually finds much like your portrayal of Hank she likes this sort of thing aswell as maybe its that this person isn't doing it out of malious intent but rather what is assumed and ends up making her both feel safe and humiliated with some excitement .

    Hank actually went undercover as a exotic pet or something to Hong Kong with Jubilee given she was incident on helping try to calm the situation down but one thing leads to another where to calm the worst group she agrees to be a hostage unaware they would be humiliating her and the like and Hank can't help but enjoy seeing her on the receiving in sorta and trying to do what he can to comfort her and the like
  2. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 11:15 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Well it looks like paypal is yet again screwing people... As they yet again are expanding the list of places they are banning payouts to be a huge amount of fetish and porn sites or sites they find has even a small amount of either on it

    Anyway will get to posing on the rps soon though

    Also what do you think of toying around with the fact of how Nightcrawler is religious and Exorcisms are actually truly making a comeback in this era for some odd reason and as a side affect Exorcists are on the rise..

    Come to think of it was Rogues specific religion to your knowledge ever specific as Christian or Catholic?

    On a side note the more news we get about China and Hong Kong the more the news is giving me odd ideas involving Jubilee for a rp I'd like to tell you them so they atleast don't fester in my head if you are open to hearing them I'll tell you them
  3. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 10:24 PM
    Bandit Keith
    I have looked into Marvels canon on Vamps there is a lot of different sects of vampires existing in Marvel that are canon and its this way in Marvel to explain the fact Marvel writes for a long time was given free rien on how they portrayed Vamps and the mytho's used… To name just afew of the types that are canon we have as a small sampling that exists in Marvel(as there is a lot more types in canon then the ones I listed below that Marvel has that are canon in the comics)

    Soulless Vampires ones that are quite literally a body without a soul and target those the soul used to be close to or related to.

    Ones that are demonic which is a group that's got varies types … You got in this group vamps that are infact a body that the demon consumed the soul of a person and took over the body the soul was in and now feasts on others so other demons can come to the mortal plain in a similar way … You have a variant where humans make a deal with demons for one thing or another and its granted by turning the humans into vampires that are unholy . You have ones that was overly exposed to demonic energy making them vampires , some that demons pushed the soul to be kinda dormant, those that sold their souls to Marvels version of the devil, those that was blessed by marvels version of the devil and even those who commented sins so bad or so often they was condemned to forever remain on the earth till they have earned redemption but decide to keep doing evil deeds

    You have vampires that are on the side of the Angels and this group is the least fleshed out where for some reason this group has groups where in some cases a soul is returned to a body that was a soulless Vamp or to a formerly demonic vamp after some advent expunged the demon from a body and the soul is in control again … Some that was turned by a holy power into some holy version of a vamp to fight the forces of darkness and even those who commented sins so bad or often they was condemned to forever remain on the earth till they have earned redemption and they choice to do things to earn redemption

    Then you have those brought about through some disease ,others through natural genetic mutation that they are unaware at first that they are spreading the matter but those that are affected keep spreading it

    Then you have cases like a Dhampir which are half vampires

    You have cases that are pretty rare like Blade to a degree

    then you have the odd cases of some people in scenerio's like Morbius who started out as a Spideman character that I know in one incarnation had some medical problem and tried to fix it by injecting himself with vampire bat dna but that turned him into a sort of a vampire
  4. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 09:16 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Oh heres something that give me ideas Exorcisms are actually truly making a comeback in this era for some odd reason and as a side affect Exorcists are on the rise... Could be interesting to toy with this fact given I know Nightcrawlers religion has been in the comics something that has flip-flopped in the canon between Christianity and Catholicism .. thus this real life fact I bring up could be interesting to play with in a X-Men rp somehow in someway...

    Though hum now that I actually think about it the fact Nightcrawler was actually in the comics fine with Jubilee being a Vampirette was pretty damn odd given how they are in general in fiction seen as something unholy and servants of the devil ...
  5. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 06:52 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Well it was possible so that's why I asked … How it goes for me I feel pretty tired honestly unlike I had the last few days... But that's mainly for a combination of wasn't able to sleep till way late and then had a rather restless slumber judging by the fact I keep waking up in odd positions I am unsure how and why I got into them at night... Once I even woke up with my ass in the air last night and another time last night I woke up with my upper half off the bed and my lower half off the bed... Still unsure how I managed theat one in my sleep but I had...

    So my minds kinda mush right now...

    Though was thinking what your first fursona was dressed in how do you think of that but with some theme to it?
  6. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 06:27 PM
    Bandit Keith
    So about my question on what I asked on the Mallrat RP? I asked just so I don't screw up the flow by doing something you'd rather not have in the rp
  7. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 05:31 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Well I'm back my friend
  8. Bandit Keith
    Yesterday 01:43 PM
    Bandit Keith
    If you are sick just relax and get better... I am more concerned about your health then I am about rping

    Anyway still have that thought of Jubilee snapping and going evil in my head and oddly have now the power swap thought intertwined in it and thinking if Hanks Mutation had given him his genius intellect something sorta like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9aYrURLHh0&t=201s ends up happening with Hank now the being more a simpleton and Jubilee being smart

    Will pose in abit kinda waking up right now

    Also are you hinting at in the Mallrat Rp you want Logan or Storm to at first misunderstand the situation or something else?
  9. Bandit Keith
    November 16th, 19 01:37 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Its fine and morning... Doing okay .. Hope my poses are okay..can edit if need by

    Glod you like the power swap angle

    Me neither at best I know more so the odd things of Japan and some facts I just look into from boredom or insomnia kicking in

    Also found a knockoff Game console I in a way could see the body/shell of it being some custom made console shell for a actual game station in the X-mansion or a recreation room as the look of the shell to me just screams ''X-Men '' for some reason..if you wanna see what I mean go to the time stamp of about 2;22 of this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN_PLjE8m3Q to see why I say to me it just screams ''X-men'' in the look
  10. Bandit Keith
    November 15th, 19 11:35 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Also had afew odd a thoughts just saying them so they doesn't fester in my head, basing a rp on a concept where Hank and Jubilee end up going to a place much like in ''Atlantis: The Lost Empire'' Which Hank do to his skeptic nature and has next to no knowledge on such a place other then standard mytho's he might have gotten bits and pieces recalled from fiction he gets labeled as a child and Jubilee do to extensive knowledge on the place from reading a lot of stuff Hank seen as foolishness she gets labeled as a adult or atleast a mature enough person to be well learned

    Also had this weird thought that somehow Hank and Jubilee swaps mutations … Possibly do to magic maybe from both wishing something like maybe Hank wishing he knew what it was like to be more normal looking and Jubilee wishing to be less 'normal' both right before bed and the magic or thing granting the wish felt it was easiest and simpler to just swap their mutations leading to Hank waking up looking more or less like the sterotype lanky scrawny nerd type that can barely lift anything even remotely heavy and Jubilee waking up to being a leen but muscled ape like girl and both have bathroom issues from how their body was so different so quick …

    Another odd idea is brought on by the fact in real life Japans population is shrinking and birth-rates are declining at a alarming rate with studies showing if something doesn't happen soon to drastically change the situation Japan may turn into a island without people and or just very few and possibly only Japanese living in other country's may become the last of the Japanese … With the Elderly population being said to be rather large and the people of Japan being so far stated as the longest living people in the world... Well Japans rural areas are truly trying to attract people back in, in a bid to survivr and hopefully get birth rates rising.. Heck some towns are trying to recruit foreigners as permanent residents even showing jobs for varies types of cultures that speak other languages ... Anyway this odd idea is Hank seen how good medical care is in Japan and how long lived the people are and how some towns are even having jobs for English speakers he gets his parents and Grandmother talked into moving to a rural town in Japan with him and Jubilee refuses to just let him leave her behind gets him to let her move there too and things going well till Hank learns of a law he hadn't been aware of related to mutants that are citizens of Japan leading to Hank needing to a degree wear diapers and varies related infantile matters with Jubilee able to for now avoid it do to she looks normal ..

    Also I've even read several articles that adult diapers are outselling baby diapers over in Japan believe it or not but I am not sure how true that is... Yet given facts about Japans population it seems believable

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