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  1. Bandit Keith
    November 5th, 17 10:11 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Also how do you like the newest version of DC comics timeline they got going? Also Sorry if I am pestering you sense April on the one worry matter ,Its just sense you haven't said or posted anything sense last year I am worried I ran you away with how I was but now I got a lot more restraint and I no longer have the type of stress I had that help caused me to be how I was with ideal flooding
  2. Bandit Keith
    September 21st, 17 11:58 PM
    Bandit Keith
    You doing okay? I am getting paranoid that I might have ran you off , I just want to know as if I did as if I did I'll leave you along unless you want to interact with me and even if I didn't feel free to ignore most of my old vms and pms that was never replied to as need to know if I just need to know if I ran you off
  3. Bandit Keith
    August 11th, 17 03:25 PM
    Bandit Keith
    Are you just busy,Real life in the way or did I run you away with my ideals? If its the last one I'm sorry I got better at holding my ideals at bay and promise I'll do my best to not do it again if you just talk to me so I know if I drove you away without meaning to or if it was something else

    Anyway are you okay?
  4. Bandit Keith
    June 20th, 17 07:08 AM
    Bandit Keith
    Wanna just talk about mostly anything?
  5. Bandit Keith
    April 12th, 17 06:14 PM
    Bandit Keith
    You're alive ,So um whats your thought on Young justice getting a third season?

    Also I had a ideal for a NEW rp encase you don't want to pick up our old ones when you can be on here more, this ideal will have bonding ,slice of life,family and all that with action ,angst among otherthings in the mix aswell as padding and babying in this rp if we do it. Anyway it involves a Young Justice but instead of any canon roster be it comic or cartoon its different like a mix of rosters and Clark doesn't get a free pass to be a dick-In my headcanon Superman in most any reality starts out as a dick that or distant but trying in regards to Conner do to well you know clone made by a place that is against the league- Well basically I like the ideal that Kara ,Bart,Tim and afew others are the opening group members in the rp which thanks to most everyone bullshitting them too much in one matter or another, they decide pull well a stunt like in the cartoon more or less and find Conner of course. End result similar in a way but Galatea-She by now is what I see as our common fixture in our RP verses- get Clark to have some sense about the behavior already about how Clark is reactioning and behaving about Conner while Kara goes to Conner to try showing she wants to welcome Conner into the Super family .
  6. Bandit Keith
    January 25th, 17 12:17 PM
    Bandit Keith
    On the pmed ideal forgot to say the season two of legend of Korra ep 7 and 8 on a tale that I kinda meant that as a example I didn't pm the correction as I felt that'd be a useless pm

    the only reason I bring up ideals I love the rps, Also only the I believe last pm is a ideal that I sent you
  7. Bandit Keith
    December 23rd, 16 11:10 AM
    Bandit Keith
    Sorry for another flood of thoughts,questions and ideals of mine I've been trying to keep from overwhelming you with ideals and thoughts but these are bugging me to the extreme so I'm saying them

    First are you okay ? I mean you've more or less dropped off the planet atleast this site wise

    I have a headcannon where Selina Kyle sees herself as the Bat-kids mom,while with the exception of Damian the rest of the Batkids see Seline as their second mom just think of the awkward invites to holiday things and special days it'd bring , heck maybe some of them even invite Selina to Justice League and league member stuff .

    Ideals now

    (Telling you character specific ones first as I want to do these badly)

    Heres a Linda ideal

    Linda ends up being the hot topic in town for abit do to well in a small town news of someone new travels fast and adoptions just as fast -this one can work in both Daddys Darling boy and Family ties -

    Afew Kara related ideal I admit

    Stupid ideal but Kara do to she was in suspended animation she still has most if not all her baby teeth so Linda gets to as a parent do the old tooth fairy tale and tooth fairy thing when the time comes around

    Kara starts having girl body trouble and is clueless what is going on with her body and Linda has trouble explaining the matter given Karas situation but Linda knows how to handle it atleast to make Kara feel better anyway

    This one I wasn't sure if I should place as a Jimmy ideal or with the Kara ones.

    Anyway I was thinking Lois catchs wind Jimmy never really went to a school dance and well Kara is having one come up so Lois like a mother scheming for her childs own good conspires with Linda to get everything set up for Jimmy and Kara being a couple at Karas school dance and they have a fun time for once at a school thing

    Other ideals

    Heres a fun Halloween themed ideal; Seeing as in what lore I know on Halloween-one of the lores I know- is its one of the days of the year that all things supernatural in boosted in power well Linda and Clark has the ideal to get one or more of the league mystics to for the night physically deage Kon and Kara to kids so the Superkids can trick or treat proper heck maybe for added cuteness Kon while a kid has a minor speech impediment/lisp and Kara could have braces reform on her teeth till the spell ends from having them when she was a kid while making her talk weird as is stereotypical for people with braces as I for some reason have a headcanon that Kara had braces when she was truly a kid and I have a odd thought that Kon would have had a minor speech impediment/lisp as a kid if he was of such a age

    I'm thinking in Family ties when a party at the league happens and the Supers come along there is some talent stuff going on and both Superkids get involved and both have a blast
  8. Bandit Keith
    November 18th, 16 01:18 PM
    Bandit Keith
    First Sorry for the last few floods of ideals and this flood of mostly thoughts of mine I've been trying to keep from overwhelming you with ideals and thoughts but I need to get them from my head Secondly PLEASE tell me when you are returning for more then just popping in to visit even if its just to talk

    A headcannon on Bruce is;Bruce is or atleast was -depending on what point in his Hero work its a is or was- where whenever he does something nice or shows he cares he tries to pass it off as Alfred being the cause but the Bat clan knows better and some of those that work with him knows its truly Bruce trying to hide the fact hes being nice and/or caring

    Oh I admit this is immature but I'm pissed at a comic for having killed off a comic adaption of YJ Artemis in about the first issue of a comic she was brought into admittingly I picked up the comic despite my friends saying I'd be displeased on the comic seeing as I like the cartoon Young Justice and to my knowledge thats her first and only time shes showed up in comics,similar to how Wendy and Marvin from the Superfriends cartoon was in this manner screwed with in this case Wendy Mauled but alive and Marven killed off by a demonic dog in a comic for just slightly more then shock value which got me pissed for awhile towards the comic that had that done

    Have you seen the old Willy Wonka movie or ever see the Atlantis movies?

    I just recently found its been canon in dc comics that Santa is real in the DC world and he must be a badass that or really stupid as he even every year goes to Apiklops(thats how you spell darksieds world right?) and gives Darksied a lump of coal heres a image http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_FVXCQBs2iU...0/darkseid.jpg so it stands to reason Mother Nature and Father Time can exist as a physical form and the varies incantations of Death in the DC verse, which I think it'd be amusing if Jason is close friends with a female incarnation of death just think of all the awkward meetings Jason and a female Death could have

    Heres afew rp ideal

    How familiar are you with the old comic scenes where some of the characters are reading comics based on them,their mentors or others in a shared comic universe? I ask as DC has or had it anyway in comics and even in some animated stuff and I've been thinking it'd be fun to have it so in our rps there is a in universe company that makes comics and games based on the good guys with their permission of course some of the mytho's behind them and the Secret I.D wouldn't be known so the writers would make something up and boom we got something for fun to play with as we already got merchandise based on the good guys in atleast one of our rps so might aswell add more to that fact.

    This is a Wally and Bart based one ;Bart is acting weird trying to hide somethings from Wally for afew weeks and Wally was getting abit worried it might be a drug based thing but Wally forgot one thing its either nearing Wallys Birthday or nearing fathers day and when its either on such a day or near such a day Bart presents Wally with whatever we have Bart either made or got Wally

    This is a Secret and John based ideal;Secret and John Stewart end up filling in for some other adult hero/herione and the persons sidekick/apprentice to visit a kids wing of a hospital but things go in a ironic but understandable fashion in the sense the kids prefer Secret over John for some reason but that goes over very well in boosting Secrets confidence and self esteem as some people she found thats not related to the league aren't scared of her and best of all they want around her and such.
  9. Bandit Keith
    November 1st, 16 03:29 AM
    Bandit Keith
    So hows it going buddy? Been thinking we could discuss stuff thats DC related or talk about anything in general

    This has been stick in my head to tell you my head cannon for almost a month but all Leaguers and a good deal of the hero's/heroines are literally caffeine addicts do to having to keep up a civilian life and a alter ego.

    You know that one alien chick Maxima in Superman the animated series that had a stalker/obsession interest in Superman? Well I found out recently DC comics made her a lesbian afew years back and made her have the hots for Supergirl. If I'm thinking right it was in the new 52 They de-aged her to be around Supergirl's age and her story changed to that her family is pressuring her to find a mate and produce children which isn't possible due to the fact that she's Lesbian ,I have afew thoughts related to that if you wanna hear them

    Is Dinah Lance A.K.A Black Canary in any DC merchandise in a canon relationship with Ollie? I have some ideals if yes or no regardless you may be interested in hearing

    On a side note we can timeskip in the rps if need be abit to get them roiling again when you have time
  10. Bandit Keith
    October 24th, 16 04:51 AM
    Bandit Keith
    Sorry for the overload of ideals I just needed to get them from my head

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