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  1. AppleRonache
    August 26th, 19 04:56 PM
    Welcome back! Sorry I was busy with work this weekend, but now I was able to respond, and I'm looking forwards to our rp ^-^
  2. GeePool
    August 25th, 19 07:29 AM
    Buongiorno mi amigo, glad to see you're back in one piece and I really hope you're doing well yourself XD. My Rokket deck has gone really well, I have all the Borrel Dtagons except that damn XYZ! Me and My brother even dueled with Rokkets vs Salamangreats cause the newest episode has Soul vs Revolver...and we semi-predicted all their moves! It was pretty sweet watching the plays we did against eachother a few days later in the show.
    The messages are fine, I just feel like we make them long cause we're hardly on at the same time, sort of like virtual pen pal sort of deal. It's really no bother I loooove hearing your thoughts on lil old yugioh and other stuff with your messages. Though i'm 100% fine if you want to shorten it a bit, I'm really fine with any size as long as I get to talk with a cool dude like you XD

    How daaaaare you put Zexal Below the yucky original DM, but jokes aside I actually like the first half of Zexal more than the second half! I love the slice of life stuff they had and the duel carnival was a ball of fun and the first half of zexal had the introduction of THE BEST or at least one of the best Yugi Girls...Anna Kabooom. But enough about that my list would probably be something like Arc-V->5D's->Zexal->GX or VRAINS->DM Yugioh. Now Arc-v may have shown cracks during the xyz era, but Arc-V was the first Yugioh series I watched Sub with my Bro. Sure me and him would watch Zexal 5Ds and GX Together when we were younger, but Arc-v felt special it was a real big part of my earlier High School years and legit got me through some bad times. I know that's super laaaame to say about a yugioh anime but there yah go,
    Also the reason why DM Yugioh is so down in the list is cause everyone only talks about that one! Not gonna lie the Marik Duels are the most BEAUTIFUL animation in all of Yugioh and is only really rivaled by some Barian stuff in Zexal and the first time Yuya summoned Raging Dragon....but Everyone only likes DM or 5Ds! They don't like the silly protags like Yuma and Yuya, and they don't give the newer series a chance

    Speaking of the similarities between 5Ds and VRAINS, the one problem that both series share is the fact that they drag an event allllll through the series. VRAINS has the lost incidents event and 5Ds has the Zero reverse accident, but at least Yusei looked like he was sorry for the event like he felt responsible for it. Yusaku said he got his revenge already, like at the start of season 2 but it doesn't really feel earned, mainly because of how silent and not important SOL is to the story. Like Ai took down the company in 10ish episodes! I thought they would be like the infinity guys from 5Ds but guess not. Yusaku felt like a weird middle ground, like he's serious, but he has a sidekick like Astral and Yuma.

    Ai is enjoyable to watch, but he has the same problem as Lightning, he doesn't have a great amount of teammates, like Lightning had 4 dudes on his side and 2 of them lost their first duel they were in. With Roboppi's death, Ai really doesn't have much besides Ai clones.
    Still hope we get that Ai vs Yusaku duel, Hope we don't get baited like Yuya vs Yugo XD in the 3rd OP of Arc-v. Also I will stand by Pendulum Beat! It's a good song and love the rhythm, it just doesn't have the best visuals, but I personally don't like the XYZ saga opening it trys tooo hard to be like Zexal's Op

    Yah that could work, for sure a weekend right? Maybe you could suggest a time? I mean having this timezone problem really is a bump in the road for us...especially since it stops me from beating your lame Willy Wonka Fluffal Deck >:v

    If Yuzu is Yuya's mom...and Yuri is Yuya's brother....and he was the main Yu-Boy hitting on Yuzu...oh god. But jokes aside it came straight out of nowhere but I loved it as a small little thing, really got to community riled up, but I know I can't help but imagine Mom Yuzu getting a bit to loving with her son Yuya....

    Yah Yuya's still a good boy at heart and he seemed pretty tired of Yuri's dumb schemes so it's only natural for him to lash out. Besides they way you play him is real cute, makes him seem like a little brother trying to one up his bigger brother....but of course Yuri is too mature and flirty for the boy
    Also I have no idea what Yuya can be hiding, I mean what can swell from the front of his diaper- guess Yuri will just have to find out later on :v
  3. aizawathebaby
    August 25th, 19 12:03 AM
    Sorry I took so long to reply
  4. GeePool
    August 19th, 19 06:30 AM
    Don't worry man, I get it if you're busy with life, I mean hopefully you're having fun talking to them sweet Guest. You don't have to worry about not being active, I completely understand XD besides I'm busy working on my cool new Revolver Structure Deck! I love it a ton and hope we can talk about laaaame Yuya and his dumb revenge plan later
  5. AppleRonache
    August 18th, 19 10:10 PM
    I’m having issues with life myself right now, I’m sure I can manage the wait, it’s only about a week yup yup
  6. aizawathebaby
    August 18th, 19 10:06 PM
    It’s okay! I can wait a bit, it’s no problem.

    Thank you; I haven’t played him much, so I didn’t know if I was going a good job or not. I’m glad I am
  7. GeePool
    August 16th, 19 07:32 PM
    There are some good moments in the less than perfect scenes. Like I didn't like the Hentai Brain Parasites all that much on the Yuzu girls, buuuuut it did lead to one of the most beautiful and chilling scene with Odd-Eyes raging dragon. I actually like most of the slice of life from Zexal and GX as it was nice and episodic and I wish Vrains had more of that. Actually I don't think I've ever asked you this, but how to you rate the other yugioh series compared to one another

    Reji was sooo responsible and ontop of things so it was kind of odd that he said that about him. I mean I kind of wish that he just got deleted when the universe reset.
    Zexal Dub was what I watched first and I enjoyed it for the most part, but when it comes to the deaths I can say the Sub did better as Kite didn't die on the moon in the Dub. He fell unconscious and was rescued then put into a hospital. I think that was the same for Four too which is a bit of a bummer

    Maybe they have a contract to change it to the Dub names? Like a really late one? I mean kind of reminds me of the Jojo stands and how they got name changes

    Revolver is just real good and you see him evolve and change as the time goes on like remember when he hesitated to shot Jin? So good man. He reminds me a bit of Jack too, I mean Jack was a straight up villain in early episodes and it was cool seeing him become more down to earth thanks to Carly. Yusei was pretty neat too but I think he was more "Friendship Heavy" thank Yusaku you know. Yusaku doesn't really talks about friends more about people instead

    Roboppi's death was that much better with Ai building up his concern.Ai really did feel like he didn't want to let Roboppi get involved into it and It must be tearing him apart knowing he's gone, especially since he was his last family member. All he got now his Kuribroooo
    Also I totally agree on what you said about the letter, I'm actually kind of happy it wasn't a delete program cause it shows he cared deeply about Roboppi unlike lighting with windy.
    And I think with Roboppi's death and following the revolver duel, the only thing in the OP we haven't seen is that sweet Ai v Yusaku duel. We're really close to the end I mean almost everything we've seen in the OP already got explained...but then Again that was the case for OP2 as well. Now that I think about it Vrains has the least amount of OPs right? Out of all the series

    I'm free during bith weekends so that's fine man, just enjoy liiife don't worry about dueling little old me XD all we got to do is set up a time without our confused timezones

    Well That's just me thinking on Manga Jaden, the GX Manga was the first Yugioh Manga I read actually so seeing Yuya afterwards when Arc-v released had me tinking if they actually took a bit of inspiration
    Also yaaaaah man that Finale with Yuzu being Yuya's mum was crazy! It was even more shcoking then when it was revealed that all the Yu-Boys were Brothers

    At least Yuri doesn't have a Girly room like Yuya >:v
    But yah it was a real shock how Ruthless Yuya can be even if he's stuck as a cute diaper baby, plus how dare he make fun of Yuri's panties! I bet he's just jealous
  8. GeePool
    August 15th, 19 06:49 AM
    Exactly! Like sure Yuya git his Waifu Yuzu back, but what about all the other Yuzu's and their families? But it was still pretty fun to see Yuya activate those gate cards, basically making his odd-eyes jump through hoops to change its typing. I still love Arc-V to bits, but even I know it has wayyy more Flaws then shows like GX or Zexal.

    Leo was so forgettable though, I meeean like he has a boring fusion deck, and him being Reji's dad doesn't even come into play that much. Also during the ending of Arc-v wasnt he back in the fusion dimension without his family?
    On the Don Thousand matter though I really love that duel and how he trues to win with brute force, and if they don't attack him he just wins automatically. The Double or nothing Utopia scene will always be my favorite, it's so iconic in my mind and just hearing good old Dub Yuma say "Rising Sun Double Slash" is pretty Nostalgic. But I'll give the Sub one thing, they have wayyyyyyyy sadder character deaths in Zexal. Like Four and Kites deaths were just beautiful

    Revolvers new support might actually be busted with GuarDragons, cause of link spam and all that. But yah I really hope Revolver can pull a win for good old coolness factor you know, also did you notice in the Preview they used Revolvers Dub name "Varis" unless of course you're watching it Subbed in Italian or something like that XD
    But Yah Soulburner is gonna need to move past Flames death, so I actually wouldn't mind if he stole the win from Revolver, for character growth and such. For reals though all the real cool parts of Vrains have Revolver as the focus. Like Revolver vs Lightning, Revolver doing the very first EPIC Synchro Summon, and the God Tier Hanoi Tower Arc that was just the peak in my opinion
    Not gonna Lie I actually teared up at Roboppi's death too, like how he just was trying his best tomake his bro proud and all that stuff. I was think the exact same thing! With how SoulBurner put him down like a Rabid Dog and all, it was just painful seeing him so ignorant again and just wanting to clean. It's even more painful because Ai knew all along that Roboppi wouldn't last that long, looking back at all the things Ai did for Roboppi it's pretty tragic. He gave him his own country and told him he could do great things despite knowing he was gonna expire soon...but that could just be me over thinking about it XD

    Yah sure Tomorrow sounds great...we just need to set up a time and all XD, actually what about later this week? So we have time to prepare and set up a little duel, we'll be using Ygopro right? Or do you want to want to use a website like Duel Nexus

    Last time I went to my local card shop a couple month ago I saw younger kids getting into speed dueling, so it must be popular for people who want a slower format and watch the original. You know?
    The English translations are alright, I think it's just the earlier copies that are like that. Also Manga Jaden is basically just A prototype for Yuya, cause he wants to entertain people as a duel champion and smile while dueling

    I have no idea what you're talking about, it's Yuri who wants to see Yuya in that...not me >:v but on the real thanks man, I just love thinking about cute little outfits for Yuya XD
    Also you're one to talk, I mean Purple Panties on Yuri, truly too perfect!
  9. aizawathebaby
    August 14th, 19 09:10 PM
    Thanks! I appreciate it
  10. GeePool
    August 14th, 19 08:17 AM
    That could explain alot, I mean we saw that everyone lost their memories after Zarc reset everything, but Reji still had all his memories. It was sort of a sloppy reset cause Yuzu's Room was still intact! I still feel it was pretty weird how they had that episode where everyone had to regain their memories, felt wayyy too much like a budget saving thing.
    Yah Don Thousand was real cool and his presence was pretty terrifying especially since he just casually destroyed Tachyon Dragon Turn 1. But it was sooo hype when he was defeated and the Shark went full Ai and turned on Yuma for his friends. I'm pretty sure I've said it before but The ignus and Barians really are alike in some ways, seeing as only 1 survives and then they attack humanity to save their people. Don Thousand at least was behind everything, like turning Shark, Vector, Rio and everyone else into Barians to begin with. He was super cool man

    I'm hoping we get to see that new Rokket support that the OCG got in action with that Soul Vs Revolver duel. I can totally see it being Low Stakes, with either Revolver letting Soul win to teach him something when he sees the spark back in souls eyes or Soul losing because he was to focused on losing Flame. Also your dump stuffed animals don't scare me one bit, my plants can eat them right up like they were tiny fkies, anytime any place >:v

    Sucks to hear man, what about speed dueling? Do you guys have most of the new packs over there? I can only assume cause I don't think they're any speed dueling cards restricted to V-Jump
    Also bad scans like that are a yikes! I remember reading some english GX mangas when it was still getting translated and instead of "Normal Trap Activate" they said "Trigger Trap Resolve" it was soooo weird

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    Hello everyone! Hope you're having a good day.

    I'm into a lot of fandoms, particularly anime and manga, such as (in no specific order):
    Yu-Gi-Oh! (all series)
    One Piece
    My Hero Academia
    FullMetal Alchemist
    Hunter X Hunter
    Dragon Ball (all series)
    Seraph of the End
    and other "minor" ones!

    I'm also a fan of video games like Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Kid Icarus, Pokémon.

    When it comes to roleplaying, I usually prefer it involving boys and males in general. I like to think about diapers and the whole babyfing stuff as a form of forced punishment or at least something against their will, that's why I prefer when the character is forced to wear them and go through an embarassing story, rather than wearing them because they like the feeling, need them and so on. So, if you want a RP about characters wanting to feel safe and happy as babies, I'm afraid I wouldn't be the best partner for you; I would instead be more than happy with a story about humiliation, embarassment, ridiculous tasks and similar funny ideas!
    I'm open-minded and more than happy to discuss it with you before and during the roleplay, so the be sure we'll both enjoy it! It goes without saying that I've no problems with sexual stuff, if it's fitting with the story. I can play both the dominant or the submissive part, either only one or both in the same RP.

    That said, I'll try my best to match your length and present you with fitting replays, so that we'll both have fun! I'm generally more inclined to a paragraph and plus than a single line, and I like when proper grammar and style are used.

    Final note: English isn't my first language. I guess I can speak it fluently, but feel free to correct me if I make a mistake! I'm always good with learning new things!

    Have fun, everybody!
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