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Bandit Keith December 24th, 17 11:25 PM

Hey I just had a ideal do to that ghost town of a site known as Anime Ai its one of this sites sister sites and is kid friendly, couldn't there be a Patreon run for it as its a site AI has and we patreon to as a workaround to get funding for this site and other adult based sites AI has?

grandsword December 25th, 17 04:15 AM

..i don't get how patron can say no adult content sites when I've seen at least a few projects on there to fund indy content intended to get approximately Mature ratings.

Rye December 26th, 17 06:31 PM

I have a bit of money , anyone got the old donation link? Every little helps right.

Darkkitten December 29th, 17 03:29 PM

I really need to know, is this site gonna close down?, cuz I really hope not considering I have no other diapered roleplay sites

Bandit Keith December 29th, 17 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by Jduncan1234 (Post 2861323)
I really need to know, is this site gonna close down?, cuz I really hope not considering I have no other diapered roleplay sites

Matter of fact there isn't that many others to choose from either

Darkkitten December 29th, 17 03:35 PM

I know, and this so far is the best site I have discovered

So is it or is it not gonna close?

terminator101 December 29th, 17 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by Jduncan1234 (Post 2861326)
... So is it or is it not gonna close?

For now, who really knows since the new year hasn't even begun and Ai still needs a steady facility for gathering any donation amounts - Patreon treated Ai's first donation page like a baby treats a diaper!

So far, what we all know based on Ai's original, unedited donation request thread at AnimeOTK, which is now archived in the Internet Wayback machine -> https://web.archive.org/web/20171210...//animeotk.com, is that each site has a monthly donation goal of $125 that must be met. If the goal is not met in two consecutive months for any site, then Ai might have to sell the site in question off. However, Ai also said in the last paragraph in post #15 of his donation request thread at AnimeOTK -> https://animeotk.com/forum/showthrea...t-31407p2.html that the worse case scenario is a "very, very, very remote possibility" (In his response to Darla, it is not clear if Ai was talking about only AnimeOTK or all of the sites in general) and that the members would be "given at least 2-3 months warning of an impending sale".

Also, what can be gathered from what Ai said in post #15 of his donation request thread at AnimeOTK is:

- The server cost is the main cost (Other costs like domain costs for each site do not have as much of an impact to the total monthly operating costs as the cost of keeping the server running 24/7, 365).
- all of the sites use the same server.
- AnimeOTK uses at least half of the server's resources (DiaperedAnime, FurryAi, YaoiAi and AnimeAi [Now back up] all share parts of the remaining resources).
- The server is not running at full capacity, so there is room for all of the sites to grow.

It looks like there might be some "Hope at the end of the dark tunnel" - It appears that AnimeAi was resurrected to be possibly used as a "Family friendly face" to represent all of us in future donation drives on Patreon (See post #51 in Ai's donation request thread at AnimeOTK -> https://animeotk.com/forum/showthrea...t-31407p6.html). Whether or not Ai's new Patreon page remains a steady facility is yet to be seen (Everyone, please keep this information discreet to anyone outside of the sites as we wouldn't want a repeat of events on Patreon! Keep your mouth closed to outsiders and cross your fingers and toes). So long story short, IMHO, there is still hope for the future continued operation of this and all of the other sites, depending upon monthly donations. We'll just have to "Wait and see".

Darkkitten December 29th, 17 08:26 PM

OK, now please describe in English

terminator101 December 29th, 17 10:26 PM

Dude, I was kind enough to take the time out to gather the facts, write what I found and then explain things. You should at least take the time out to read it. If you're not going to read the information, then just "Remain in the dark" with your head in your diaper rather than make snide remarks!

Darkkitten December 29th, 17 10:38 PM

You relies I did read it right? It was just too much info to be able to correctly understand, so you really have no need to be insulting

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