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terminator101 December 29th, 17 11:38 PM

You wrote:


Originally Posted by Jduncan1234 (Post 2861394)
OK, now please describe in English

Based on that remark, I'm not sure how you could possibly think that I realized that you really did read what I wrote when anyone can tell that what I wrote was indeed written in English. Thus, it appears to me that you were the first one who was being insulting. Perhaps it would have been better if you had said "Thanks for your help but I'm a little bit confused about what you wrote." and then try to elaborate specifically on what part of the information I wrote wasn't clear. I would have tried my best to explain it further to you. In fairness, if this was all just a misunderstanding then let's just let it be and continue on with our lives.

I bear you no grudge (Life is too short). If you still want clarification on whatever was written in the information that I wrote, then please let me know (Honestly, I thought that I was being clear when I wrote everything). IMHO, Ai has a new plan to receive donations for the sites through his new Patreon donation page for AnimeAi, so whether or not this and any of the other sites will still be around depends upon the monthly donations. If you need a definite "Yes" or "No" about whether this site is going to close, then I believe that nobody, not even Ai, can tell you. Only time can tell (That's why I said that we'll just have to "Wait and see"). Hey - It would be great if Ai made a new announcement that said "April Fools! I'll keep paying for everything guys and gals! It was all just a joke!" But then there's reality ...

Darkkitten December 29th, 17 11:55 PM

Well thank you for the last part for clarifying, but for the first part, I'm sorry the way I grew up was a rather crude way, so if I don't clarify or say please or thank you don't think I'm being rude, got it?

I just really don't have much patience when it comes to. certain matters, I just asked for one simple thing, when you respond like that it tends to make me a little mad

terminator101 December 30th, 17 12:58 AM

You are most welcome! I'm sorry to hear that you were brought up in a crude way, but you just showed that even you can learn to say "Thank you" (Maybe even "Please"), so you are capable of bettering yourself. When I was a little kid, I saw a rereun on TV of an old theaterical movie called "My Fair Lady" which illustrates my point (Yes, Seth Macfarlane must have seen it as well, thus an episode of Family Guy was made that spoofed it. The best parts of that episode can be seen at -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHMPg7YJRZ0. Also, it doesn't mean that you're rude if you don't clarify something. It just means that it will make it more difficult for anyone to help you whenever you ask for help with something. IRL though, if you don't say "Please" or "Thank you" whenever someone helps you, they will think that you're rude. Of course, some peeps take this notion to extremes -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrn0px_anZs.
:) :D

terminator101 January 1st, 18 07:18 PM

Hey everybody! Ai made an official announcement on AnimeOTK that his AnimeAi Patreon page has been approved by Patreon and is now available for accepting donations! All proceeds will go towards paying the server costs for all of the sites (See Ai's post) -> https://animeotk.com/forum/showpost....5&postcount=53. Those that wish to donate to help keep the server running and all of the sites alive can contribute their donations at the AnimeAi Patreon page (As per Ai's first post in this thread, I can't provide a link to the updated Patreon page but peeps can still Google it)!

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