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Akuma January 24th, 23 03:18 AM

Strengthen up your passwords people! Also: AI generated images
Hello AnimeAI Network users,

It has recently come to our attention that some older accounts are being used by spammers. We have confirmed that these accounts are sharing the same email and password that were stolen from other website data breaches recently (credential stuffing). So if you have used the password you use on our websites on other websites, especially ones that are part of the latest massive data breaches (T-mobile, Mailchimp, etc), we highly recommend you change your password immediately. Honestly, if you use a very easily guessable password or anything that may have been compromised, you should still consider changing your password sooner than later. You can do so here: https://diaperedanime.com/forum/prof...o=editpassword

I do want to stress than none of our websites have suffered any kind of data breach or hacking.

The website https://haveibeenpwned.com/ can help you find out if you have a breached account anywhere, but it is by no means a complete definitive list.

This is not just a problem for our website of course. Recently, both Paypal and Norton Lifelock had thousands upon thousands of accounts hacked, also due to credential stuffing. So just be cautious when using shared passwords.

We've also been in talks internally about adding an AI generated image category. We should be adding that in the coming month, but at the very least, please tag any images that use AI generation with #AIGen.

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