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LittleLiam117 July 11th, 17 03:19 PM

OFFICIAL Twitter! And we need YOUR help!
https://twitter.com/DiaperedAnime (or @DiaperedAnime)

Goooood morning Vietnam- er, Diapered Anime folks.

So! We're mid 2017; and we have yet to beat out last year's record for most folks online. Now, that isn't a bad thing; a small, tight knit community is the type of thing I think most people aim to be a part of. Bigger places can sometimes be a little more intimidating, mostly because new users don't know anybody.

But, I honestly do believe that Diapered Anime has a well rounded, passionate, and most importantly kind community! My biggest fear when it comes to that, of course, is stagnation. It happens everywhere on the internet, but there are ways to attract new users! One of the hubs for the ABDL community these days has been twitter!

So, as of today, I've launched an OFFICIAL Diapered Anime twitter! The intent is not to create a huge influx of people all at once, but to do my part in growing the community. I have my name in shiny colors for a reason, after all! ;)

Now, here's where our users come in (that's most of you reading- and if you're not a member, you should go make an account!): we need YOU to make suggestions for what to post on our twitter! My intention will be to post content already on the site (pictures in our galleries) and provide links, which will prompt folks to join up and check us out, hopefully becoming members of our community.

But, what about the best stories? The best threads? The best whatever it is you like on this site? We're going to need everybody's support in this effort, to tell us what it is about DPA that draws you to it! In 140 characters or less, you could respond to this thread and say what keeps you coming back- and I could quote it on twitter!

There's lots to do, and it's going to be slow starting. But, with the help of our awesome community, I'm sure we can make it happen! :D Please respond to this thread with any suggestions or concerns you may have, as well as any quotes you'd like to be shared to the twitter as to why you keep coming back!

With that all said and done, I wish you all a fine, fine day.


Chibi Tom July 11th, 17 06:58 PM

I go back DPA because of all the awesome rps that I read and the ones I'm apart of.

HRE superfunnel July 12th, 17 12:37 AM

Phew, for a second i thought this was bad news!

diaperboy187 July 12th, 17 12:38 AM

I keep coming back because I love doing rps and has helped my rp style tremendously over the years. I really feel like with each new person I rp with I get a little bit better.

FlamingCreeper July 12th, 17 12:57 AM

I like the idea, especially the member testimonials; reposting art from our own gallery isn't going to do much, especially since we aren't an art focused site.


terminator101 July 12th, 17 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by FlamingCreeper (Post 2715286)
... reposting art from our own gallery isn't going to do much, especially since we aren't an art focused site. ...

Don't "Sell short" re-posting sample art from the gallery. When I first joined here, I was looking for that one or two rare diaper picture(s) that I couldn't find anywhere else (Not everything is available on Pixiv, deviantART, furAffinity, OmoOrg, the various 'Chan boards or the various 'booru galleries). As time passed, I began to read the threads that were in the forum and over time, I started a few interesting threads of my own. On occasion, I still find some forgotten "Rare gems" as I search or browse through the Unknown Artists section of the gallery. Not everyone comes here for just the RPing (Many peeps do but not everyone does so). Some peeps (Like myself) come here for the stimulating conversations in the threads under the "General", "Chat Room" and "News and Announcements" areas as well as in VMs and PMs. Others come here to read or share diaper stories in "The Creative Area" (Perhaps one or two of the more popular stories should be re-posted). It would not be wise to portray the scope of our site as being only limited to RPing. If we are misconceived as such then we may risk not attracting other potential members who have shared interests other than RPing.

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